When it comes to Vaccination, Having Mountains of Research is Unnecessary and Distracting

Back in the mid 2000’s, after years of research, I decided not to vaccinate any children I may have. At that time, I was working on my PhD and was heavily focused on researching everything.  So, I dove into medical journals and studies from around the world since I had access to them through the university.  I’ve found that when researching anything medically related, it’s necessary to look at journals and studies from outside of the U.S. (as well as from inside the U.S.) – mainly because the U.S. is less likely to conduct a study if nobody will profit from the outcome.  That isn’t the case in some of the other countries – studies will get conducted purely to discover an answer that may benefit the population.

At some point during my vaccine research frenzy, I realized I probably had enough information to write a book.  By the time I wrote Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free: It’s Not Just for Fanatics and Zealots, I had hundreds of pages of notes just for the vaccine section (and I really just wanted the section to be about 20-25 pages).  I remember being overwhelmed with the vast amount of studies, statistics, and research available on the topic and wishing I had a lifetime to devote to deciphering it all.  I felt the need to go through everything ever written because I desperately wanted to make the “right” decision for my child.

Years later, I realized that I didn’t need most of that information to make the “right” decision. I was just so conditioned to trust others instead of myself, that I couldn’t see it clearly. I really only needed to know a few key pieces of information – everything else was just a distraction.

Here are the 5 simple facts I could have used to make a decision.  None of these are controversial, debated, or unproven – they are just the basics.

1.  Vaccines contain dozens of toxic ingredients with some of the leading being:

  • Formaldehyde: A highly carcinogenic fluid, can cause liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Health finally listed formaldehyde as a cancer causing chemical.  The FDA has issued recalls of hair care products that contain far less formaldehyde than even one vaccine contains (kids get 49 vaccines these days).
  • Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury which causes autism.  Vaccines that contain this have package inserts that list a possible side effect as autism (among others). The EPA says 5 micrograms are safe.  An average vaccine contains 25 micrograms.
  • Aluminum: Increases the toxicity of mercury among other things.
  • MSG: Becomes a neurotoxin when injected, causing central nervous system disorders and brain damage.Vaccines have caused severe side effects and death in some children/people.

2.  Vaccines have caused severe side effects and death in some children/people.

3.  Children have undeveloped immune systems.

4.  There is a lot of money to be made in producing and administering vaccines, as well as treating the chronic ailments that vaccine ingredients cause.

5.  Diseases that vaccines are supposed to prevent declined well before vaccines were introduced. Furthermore, there is no proof that vaccines protect against anything, and the studies that could possibly prove that have never been done.

Based on just the 5 basics listed above, here are some scenarios on how the thought process could go.

Scenario 1: Some guy you don’t know approaches you and says….

“I see you’ve just had a baby. That’s great. Anyway, listen…..I’m super rich.  I got this way by making these special injections that can be given to babies.  And, if I can get everyone to give it to their babies, it will make even more people rich.  What does it do?  Well, we don’t know, exactly.  We were hoping it cured diseases but as it turns out, those diseases had already died out.  And, even if they did still exist today they’d be fully preventable and curable through other means.  I can tell you this though, some of the things in this injection are known to cause life-long chronic illnesses.  But, that’s good news because I also get rich by producing medicine for those illnesses. As a bonus, babies have undeveloped immune systems so if we can get everyone to inject them young, we get to treat their illnesses for a really, really long time!  Can I count on your support?”

Would you go along with that scenario as most people do?

I can make the scenario a bit more palatable by taking away fact #4 from the list. Even though we know a ton of money is made on vaccines by people most of us don’t know, let’s assume that the guy in our scenario doesn’t make any money on his injection. Let’s not make him a stranger either – he’s now your nice neighbor who feeds your dog when you’re out of town….

“Hey Karen, I see you’ve just had your baby.  She’s so cute!  Here’s some zucchini bread my wife baked this morning.  Anyway, listen, I have this special injection that can be given to babies. I don’t make a dime on this, by the way – nobody does.  What does it do?  Well, we don’t know, exactly.  We were hoping it cured diseases but as it turns out, those diseases had already died out.  And, even if they did still exist today they’d be fully preventable and curable through other means.  I do know that some of the things in this injection are known to cause life-long chronic illnesses.  And, since a babies’ immune system is undeveloped….there’s no telling what could happen.  Can I count on your support?”

Since it’s your nice neighbor asking and nobody makes a dime, are you willing to go along?

I can make it even more palatable.  Instead of your nice neighbor wanting to inject your baby, let’s say he wants to inject you, with your fully developed immune system.  Maybe this is a scenario we should go along with.  We’ve got a nice neighbor, wanting to inject our mature immune systems with toxins that can cause lifelong chronic illnesses but he won’t profit from it – nobody will.

If you still won’t go along with it, maybe you’re afraid of needles?  Let’s assume your nice neighbor has an alternative delivery method.  He can mix the formaldehyde, mercury, MSG, and aluminum right into a glass of lemonade and you can just drink that.  Any takers?  What if all of your neighbors and family members come up and drink the lemonade and urge you to do it.  These are people who probably have your best interests at heart.

Maybe if they harass you enough, you could be pressured into it.  After all, you know they don’t have ulterior motives since nobody profits from it, and these are people you know and trust, plus there’s no needle involved, you’re immune system is mature/developed/healthy since you’re an adult, so maybe it can withstand the ingredients without too many life-long negative effects?  Maybe? Maybe.

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  • Christian

    Just one question to “Phd Cook”:

    The concentration of formaldehyde in all the vaccines given in the US schedule sums up to 1/10 of the naturally occuring formaldehyde in an infant.

    How can that be toxic?

  • Sasha

    Thank you for speaking out. Blessings to you & your family. I will be passing on your post to family & friends. Truth needs to come out. It will take time. There will be a lot of negativity a long way. Stay strong. Our future generations depend on it.

  • Paul

    Your campaign against vaccines will cost many lives and save none. What is your education. What’s schools did you go to? The only reason why your kids did not get some disease is because everyone else kids are vaccinated.

  • Taby

    @ Paul, what is YOUR education??? What’s schools did YOU go?? before open your big mouth you are the one who has to go study!! Obviously you have NO idea what vaccines do and I hope none of your kids, friends or family ever get injured with then. My son a 15 months old super healthy BABY just got injured from vaccines, and guess what?? the dr file a report about that, you know why?? because vaccines hurt people and a lot more than what we think they do. You have no idea how horrible it is to see your little one like that, knowing there’s nothing you can do to go back!!!!! So if you have no idea what vaccines are better not say anything and go study! It is full of neurologists, gastroenterologiest, ophthalmologists, and other doctors out there talking about the problems that vaccines cause.

  • Paul

    I’m quite educated. There so much you for you know. People have reactions to every thing from peanuts to penicillin. Sorry about your child. But vaccines vaccines have saved countless lives. Any medicine can have a bad reaction. Smallpox gone. polio gone. What is whooping cough. Formaldehyde is in your furniture. We eat mercury in every piece of fish. McDonald’s kills more then anything else with obesity.

  • Steve

    Paul – there is zero scientific evidence that smallpox or polio were eradicated by vaccines, it’s a complete myth. There are no double blind placebo controlled studies just epidemiological studies which are not conclusive.

    Professor Salk the inventor of the polio vaccine admitted a few years in a senate hearing that most of the cases over the last few decades were caused by the vaccine. Hence why we now use the inactivated version. BTW we still have Polio, but we renamed it!

    Whooping cough exploded in California a couple of years ago and was the most prevalent in fully vaccinated children. Other studies show the same thing.
    If you want to eat Mercury, please go ahead. Injecting it into children and pregnant women via the flu vaccine is a whole different story. Injecting chemicals like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde via a needle affects your body differently than when through your mouth!
    I suggest you do some more reading before you judge other people! Unfortunately most if us have been lied to!

  • Sasha

    Nicely said Steve! Unfortunately some people just do not seem to understand. I am in the medical profession & it is inspiring hearing people speak the truth of the lies we are constantly being fed. We are starting to wake up. It gives me hope for my children. More & more people are speaking the truth.

  • Maddy

    “An average vaccine contains 25 micrograms.”
    This is not accurate. Not even slightly.

    Here, have some actual facts, for free! See the tables on this page which describe how much thimerosal is in vaccines. Note all the zeroes.

  • Dorit Reiss

    A. Formaldehyde is naturally produced by your body; thimerosal is a lot less toxic than methyl mercury we receive through food, and is currently only in multi-dose flu vaccines. Both are in vaccines in tiny amounts. The whole vaccine is 0.5ml, and most of that is liquid. Frightening names of ingredients, without examining amounts, present a partial, misleading picture.
    B. No, diseases did not decline before vaccines. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=209448
    C. Nothing is 100% risk free; but the risks of modern vaccines are small, and much smaller than those of the diseases. Comparisons of the risks of diseases to the risks of vaccines can be found here for Australia: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/D35CD18A3985212ECA2574E2000F9A4F/$File/quick_sideeffects.pdf; here for Canada: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/publicat/cig-gci/cedv-cemv-tab-eng.php; here for the United States: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/fact-sheet-parents.html.
    D. If children’s immune systems are undeveloped – and they actually operate very well to protect children from the many germs in the world – why is leaving them exposed to dangerous diseases a good idea?
    E. Unvaccinated children are at much higher risk of preventable diseases, with their harms and problems. http://www.immunize.org/catg.d/p2069.pdf
    F. There is no evidence that vaccines cause chronic diseases. A good book is “Do Vaccines Cause That”, by Myers and Pineda.

    In short, I’d urge you to reexamine your information. Some of your research seems to have led you to error. Good luck, and I hope that after examining better resources, you will decide to protect your children against diseases. In the meantime, I hope herd immunity continues to protect them.

  • Alec

    Your article is littered with disinformation & inaccuracies. Here’s just one example:

    You say “An average vaccine contains 25 micrograms” [of thimerosal]. That is completely untrue. There is not a single childhood vaccine that contains thimerosal. Not one. The only vaccines that still contain thimerosal are some (but not all) of the flu vaccines. Thimerosal was removed from all childhood vaccines in 2001, not because it was dangerous but merely on the precautionary principle.

    There is no evidence in the medical literature for your contention that thimerosal causes autism. This question has been extensively studied, in studies with literally millions of subjects. Nor do *any* vaccines increase the rate of autism – again, the scientific evidence is conclusive.

    You say “Years later, I realized that I didn’t need most of that information to make the “right” decision.” No, you didn’t need the information you found on conspiracy theory anti-vaccination websites to make the right decision. By listening to them you made the wrong decision. And by doing so you put your children’s lives and wellbeing at serious risk, and you placed the rest of the community at risk too.

    To make the right decision you needed the information found on reliable science- and evidence-based sites like the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the major children’s hospitals, and the health departments of every single country in the world. And if you had taken notice of that evidence you wouldn’t have made the wrong decision, and you wouldn’t be spreading disinformation about vaccines on your blog.

  • Brian


    You are just plain wrong about the lack of trails. The Salk vaccine was tested in one of the largest double blind tests ever done. “The trial’s study population, then, targeted some 1.8 million children in the first three grades of elementary school at 215 test sites. In the double-blind experiment, 650,000 children received vaccine, 750,000 received a placebo (a solution made to look like vaccine, but containing no virus), and 430,000 served as controls and had neither.”
    Google “Salk Vaccine Trail” for any number of sources.

  • Thanks for speaking out Julie.

    Moms need to know they can refuse vaccination and their children will be healthy.

    The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children by Françoise Berthoud, MD Pediatrician
    ‘As a concerned, compassionate and considerate pediatrician, I can only arrive at one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvellous health.’

    You can tell by the tone of hostile reader comments above that pro-vaccine extremists think they own your body.

    Get your mandates out of my body.

  • Michelle Tourjie

    @ Alec As of 2005 I assure you that plenty of vaccines still contained thimerosol. I know this because the brand my child received in 2005, Pediarix, contained it. I researched its ingredients and it was listed as an ingredient by the manufacturer. Why did I do this you may ask? My child was fine until he got his shots. He developed regressive autism after his shots. You are not an expert and are wrong on your point that thimerosol was removed in 2001.

  • Lynn

    Steve is brainwashed Do your fricking research

  • Stephanie

    I have 2 vaccine damaged children. I have one “typical” child. My typical child is 100% UNvaaccinated, and shall remain so, until HE is old enough to make a decision like this himself. I followed the CDC and played russian roulette with my children TWICE. I refuse to play for a third time. I have 2 pending cases in vaccine court, to pay for treatment for my kids, but have little to no hope of ever seeing a dime. Vaccine court- the place created in the 80’s when the vaccine manufactures were let off the hook for ANY damage caused by vaccines. It was supposed to be an “easy” system. Now, only one in a thousand actually get any compensation, because they can’t afford to actually pay for what all these vaccines have done. You want to play russian roulette with your child? Allow me to make one simple blood test suggestion before you do- Mitochondrial Dysfunction. If it is present in your child, NEVER vaccinate them. If this test had been performed on my children PRIOR to vaccination, they never would have been injured by vaccines. Oh, and the number for this is 1:50… also known as 2% of the population. It isn’t “rare.” THIS is why so many kids are now vaccine injured. But no one makes any money, when suddenly 3 million people are ineligible for those shots.

  • curtis

    I’m a natural health professional for over thirty years and came in contact many times with people that worked for the pharmaceutical industry in all aspects,and when I approached them on the efficacy of vaccines they all said the same thing! THEY DON”T WORK!So in my research I found out when vaccines were initially introduced diseases were basically on their way out already but vaccines took the credit anyway as it could be mandated to assure the drug industry a steady stream of revenue

  • Dawn

    I appreciate hearing all sides of a debate, especially without name calling if that is possible. This is a very emotional subject, so I understand it is difficult to remain objective. I have made a personal decision not to get flu shots, some of it based on anecdotal evidence, some out of mistrust of pharmaceutical profits (not a conspiracy, just a corporate profit reality). I do think there are too many unanswered questions, but of course am open to further discussion.

    One issue I would like to hear or learn more about is the effect of vaccination with respect to unnecessary flu shots and antibiotics: (1) creating “superbugs”; and (2) undermining the natural immune process . Can someone speak to this? I do not profess to be a doctor, just a cautious human being.

  • Kasi Tittle

    Just so you can throw some real life into all this crap you are writing…My child is 5 unvaxxed and in public school. Her vaxxed classmates are getting all the childhood diseases and she still hasn’t caught one. She plays with these kids on an almost daily basis. Her immune system is just stronger than theirs. So why are the vaxxed kids getting them and mine not? Please give me THAT answer. I want to legitimately see you explain that.

  • Kasi Tittle

    That’s why we don’t do fu shots and sanitizer on a daily basis. (sanitizer is only needed when you are sick to keep you from spreading it to others or in a gross environment) The viruses and bugs mutate to adapt to all these things we use to get rid of them in turn making it a much stronger virus or bug.

  • Pierre

    The amount of disinformation and misinformation in this article and in these comments is astounding.
    Any link to autism has been disproven and continuing to advocate it slander.
    Think vaccines don’t work? Have a look at this simple graphic:


    Want to read a contrary opinion from someone who also did some research? Check this out:


    Think that polio was dead before the Salk vaccine?


    I could go on, but I’ll leave you with this now-classic meme:


    And just so you know. I’m a PhD. I studied Chemistry at McGill.

  • Iris

    To Dr. Cook and believers who know the dangerous truth behind vaccines and pharma profits, bravo. Continue your quest and educate others. To the sheeple who blindly take in U.S. pharma and all its sellout agencies propaganda, it’s high time you take ownership of your ignorance. Too much evidence, not reported, exists clearly providing no argument to the facts that vaccines are useless and generated to keep people sick. Pharma only profits from sick people and profit is the motivation, nothing more. My 35 year old daughter, otherwise healthy throughout her life, went to her pcp for a minor gastro inflammation, who referred her to a gastrointestinal “professional” who prescribed a high dosage of an antiviral/antifungal cocktail that exploded in her gut, giving her Crohn’s disease, in a week’s time. She made the mistake of not letting me know of her symptoms and trusting her doctors. Since then, I’m involved and for the past year, I’ve concentrated on providing meals that are organic and holistic, towards repairing the damage done to her gut and getting her health back on track. The doctors insist her disease had nothing to do with her Crohn’s yet one of the “side effects” of the antiviral is to cause Crohn’s – they still push on her the very meds that brought her to this. You see, my dear sheeple, pharma controls what med schools teach. Pharma does not cure, it only treats a symptom by suppressing it. This suppression allows the problem to spread. Thus, profit keeps coming in. Vaccines are empty of anything beneficial to people, simply a way to a means, straight to pharma profit. Stop believing in U.S. medicine, stop believing in the CDC, the FDA, and any other gov’t controlled agency, they are controlled by pharma and gov’t is controlled by profit. The U.S. carries the highest number of disease-related deaths – just how common is it today to hear of someone who died of natural causes?! Our food is 90% contaminated by pesticides and poisons. Gov’t and pharma don’t want organic farmers to succeed by implementing harsh restrictions upon them. Our food is rejected by countries around the globe because those countries do the research, are not controlled by pharma, and don’t encounter gov’t obstacles to provide the truth. It is barbaric what our country is doing to us, and it’s worse that the masses are allowing this blindly to continue. Vaccines are lethal, pharma drugs have to be taken carefully, not freely, used for emergencies only, and our food supply is only healthy if we buy organic and support organic farmers. You don’t need a degree to figure these things out, just look around your neighborhood and take note of how many folks depend on pharma drugs and aren’t doing better for it. Read alternative media, read outside U.S. publications, get the truth, get the facts, your quality of life depends on it.

  • Kelli

    I believe the medical community made a huge contribution to the polio epidemic. Prior to the 20th century, paralytic (bulbar form) polio and tonsillectomies were rare. In the early 20th century (early 1900s to the 1960s), tonsillectomies (and adenoidectomies) became the most frequently performed surgical procedure in the United States. Its rise was dependent on novel medical concepts, paradigms, and institutions that were in the process of reshaping the structure and practice of medicine. The driving force was the focal theory of infection, which assumed that circumscribed and confined infections could lead to systemic disease in any part of the body. The tonsils in particular were singled out as “portals of infection,” and therefore their removal became a legitimate therapy. By 1951, “a horrifying correlation emerged: children who’d had a tonsillectomy were more likely to get a certain type of polio (infection of the bulbar region of the brain stem) than children who had not had a tonsillectomy.” In fact, the chances of contracting the bulbar form of polio tripled for those children who had the procedure. An article published in the Medical Journal of Australia addresses the issue at the height of a worldwide polio pandemic:

    “. . . the patients who contracted bulbar poliomyelitis during the 1947-1948 poliomyelitis epidemic in South Australia had nearly all undergone tonsillectomy at some time prior to the onset of poliomyelitis, and that in only a few cases was the tonsillectomy recent……The preliminary studies suggested that the association between prior tonsillectomy and bulbar poliomyelitis lasted for five to ten years. In the present paper the completed studies of the 1947-1948 bulbar cases are given, and the association and duration are confirmed.”

  • Hanneke

    Good article but I would still suggest people do more research. It is good to have the 5 facts handy but learning more, (how children, and people have been damaged and are still being damaged by vaccines) gives a better understanding of what the toxins in the vaccines do. Those falling on the ‘vaccines are good , it has eradicated polio’ are usually the standard features of those who have done no further study other than what they have been told since birth. It is like a mantra. Do the research: polio has been renamed! has not been eradicated. Vaccines proven useless for a disease will have the disease renamed. Don’t take my word for i, do the research!

  • Hanneke

    Also, I can recommend watching any documentaries by Dr. Tent. You can find them easily find on youtube. Well worth your time.

  • Shayne

    It is easier for people to do the research themselves by reading the actual cases. Though I’m not anti-vaccination I do lean heavily on the risk versus benefit argument. If you would like to read the vaccine injury reports go to http://www.nvic.org; click on vaccine reactions in the top categories, then click on medalerts on the left hand side. Once there you can select everything from vaccines to vaccine reactions. If you want to read about the vaccine injuries that led to death, at the bottom of the screen select death and then click find on the bottom right hand side. If you select polio vaccine then select death at the bottom an interesting result in deaths is seen. The DPT vaccine “hot lots” will show up if you write down the number and start looking for the frequency in the reports. To summarize, it appears, the vaccine deaths had the DPT lots in common. I was actually looking to see polio vaccine injuries and deaths but instead found that DPT was a common factor. After recording the lot numbers you can google search those lot numbers and even more cases show up as reported vaccine injuries (high pitched screaming was the main reaction in those that did not result in death). The United States discontinued the DPT vaccine. There is also a book called DPT, a shot in the dark. The Dtap appears to be “less effective” than DPT but the DPT had a higher risk of vaccine injury mainly because no one knows how the pertussis component works. Whooping cough outbreaks, again, appear to be possibly caused by Dtap not being effective. I could write more but my point was to tell others how to start the research themselves to decide what risks are being taken with vaccines versus not vaccinating.

  • Kelli


    I agree that polio has been renamed as such things as NPAFP, Guillain-Barre, etc . Look at the cases in India where almost 48,000 children have been paralyzed after the polio vaccine (OPV) was administered and the program hailed a success and it’s called non-polio acute flaccid paralysis. Hmmmm

  • Pierre

    You “agree”? LOL That means something?

  • organicdiva

    One other point worth asking yourself about combination vaccines is how many people do we know throughout history who have been exposed to multiple viruses at the same time in natural everyday living? Where are the studies on the children who have contracted measles and mumps at the same time? Why would anyone think it would be safe to inject multiple combinations of toxins at the same time if it never has happened organically to anyone ever in the past?

  • Pierre

    Anyone who says that polio has been renamed Guillain-Barré Syndrome needs to do their research. That syndrome has been known since 1859, almost 100 years before Salk and his vaccine.
    Acute Flaccid Paralysis is a symptom, not a disease. It is caused by a large number of things, including snake venom, botulism toxin, curare, etc. as well as the polio virus. For all I know, what the Indians injected in their kids was contaminated with Botulinum. If you extrapolate from the case of those poor paralyzed kids in India to then declare that all polio vaccines will do this, then look around and count how many people have not had this happen after the polio vaccine. To ignore the fact that the high occurence of AFP in India had nothing to do with the vaccine batch used while using it to illustrate what’s wrong with vaccination is not only unscientific but highly misleading.

  • Pierre

    To Dawn, in answer to your question.
    So-called super-bugs are antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They develop resistance through incomplete or improper use of antibacterial drugs. It also doesn’t help that this continent has developed a compulsion for cleanliness and uses “anti-bacterial” soaps and cleaners and whatnot.

  • Great article, though I personally think that you downplayed the very serious problems that ALUMINUM causes. Aluminum is the THIRD most abundant element on our earth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium), and yet, not one single living organism incorporates it into its living tissue! There are good reasons that living organisms keep aluminum out of its cells, and yet, Big Pharma and its compliant physicians inject this poisonous substance into the veins of infants, children, adults, and elders. This is child abuse, elder abuse, and just craziness.

    It is quite brilliant of Big Pharma to make getting a vaccine seem patriot, but smart people need to know that this is simply a part of their propaganda, part of their spin, part of their conscious, greedy intentions to make more money at the expense of foolish people.

  • Fontana You

    There is so much hysteria and misinformation around this issue now, and many people are concerned that the unvaccinated masses will cause these diseases to be transmitted wildly throughout society, and therefore being unvaccinated is dangerous to society.

    There is research which shows that those who are vaccinated can catch the diseases they are vaccinated against and unknowingly transmit these, like Typhoid Mary. Many people who have been vaccinated are even more prone to catching diseases, as their immune systems have been compromised, whereas those who have not been vaccinated can sometimes have a stronger immune resistance to dissease and do not catch them even when exposed.

    Foremost, I believe, is to learn that not being vaccinated is not a danger to society, and hysteria to vaccinate despite any good sense may actually be our undoing.

  • Dana

    Christian asked the question “How can that be toxic?” because toxic is toxic, there is no such thing as just a little bit toxic because toxin means poison and no matter what poison is poison no matter the dosage! That’s like saying arsenic isn’t poisonous if only when it is in small dosages, that simply is not the case! Why would anyone want to take a chance with their baby injecting them with anything thatbis poisonous, toxic? If I said to someone let me inject a small amount of arsenic into your baby would you allow that? I think not! It’s the same thing as a vaccination that contains toxins!

  • Andrea

    Well Said Iris!

  • gibby

    Paul…there comes a time when a parent has to use the God blessed common sense and parental instinct they have. Have you ever held down a child when they are being vaccinated? My child has never been vaccinated. She had the chicken pox for 1 day. The whooping cough for 90 days.She has never been sick enough to go to a doctor’s office. I see most children who get ear infections, sore throats, allergies, yada, yada, yada…..If you would do more research and let go of the brainwash.. If vaccinations really work, then why would your child get anything from mine?? Why do we have such horrible health here and the most vaccinations?

  • You're Kidding


    Arsenic actually is harmless in small enough doses. Anything is harmless in small enough doses. This is why you can drink water and then drown from it. This has been known since the 16th century. This is also why very few people take the anti-vax movement with anything other than contempt.

    Do you really want to go on the net and demonstrate you didn’t pass eight grade science?

  • Jo

    I had most of the childhood diseases by the time I finished the first grade, measles, mumps, chicken pox and scarletina (a mild scarlet fever they said). I was exposed to polio when I was 3 and my 13 yr old sister came down with it.

    I am 68 years old, still working at a fitness club and am never off sick. I can count my sick days in 20+ yrs on both hands. Twice was food poisoning at restaurants, once was blood poisoning from a cut on my foot…I think the others were days I was just sick of work lol. The younger people at work including aerobic instructors and personal trainers are off sick everytime I turn around.

    I have researched a great deal and I do believe my grandson became Type 1 diabetic from a severe reaction he had to the DPT Whooping Cough vaccine. I ask you Why has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes increases 600%.

    I have never had a flu shot and my children have chosen to stop vaccines on their children. They are very healthy and I would like to ask if vaccines are so effective Why are the people who vaccinate afraid of the unvaccinated?

  • Myrna

    I would like to say to those like “You’re Kidding” that there is a big difference between toxins which are excreted from the body (either rapidly or slowly) and those which accrue in the body system. Anyone who claims to know anything about toxins should be aware that heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, and yes, arsenic build up in body tissues, and are very difficult to remove from the body. Unfortunately, formaldehyde has this property as well. (The fact that we are all exposed to these toxins on a near daily basis because of the prevalence of these toxins in our overly industrialized world makes this even more dangerous, not less so) The reason that these substances are found in vaccines is that in order for the immunization to be effective, the immune system has to be partially limited while the immunization takes hold. The mechanic principle of this is, of course, cleverly thought out, but it doesn’t take into account that the immune systems differs wildly from one person to the next. I’ve read some references here to the mitochondrial DNA, which is a very valid point. Anyone trying to convince others of the harmlessness of vaccines should read up on this, as well as those wishing to make an informed decision. When it was time for me to decide whether or not to vaccinate my eldest child I started researching the subject, and I was rather shocked by the disinformation and the attitudes I came across. Here in the Netherlands we have no obligation to vaccinate, but to say it’s easy to say no…
    One of my main sources for information was the official government website pertaining to public health, which keeps on downplaying the risks and blaming every outbreak of disease on parents of unvaccinated children. One of the most shocking things I found was about the MMR vaccine. The website states:”Although some people claim that vaccination with the MMR vaccine can cause serious side-effects, studies have shown that there are actually fewer hospitalizations for bacterial infections in the 3 months after receiving the vaccination” This caught my attention. What on earth do bacterial infections have to do with receiving a vaccine for viral infections? Well, this: the vaccine contains Neomycin, a heavy duty antibiotic, which (in Europe) has actually been banned for anything but external topical use, because of its high potential for causing kidney damage/failure and disruption of (beneficial) intestinal bacteria. What is its business as a vaccine ingredient? I’ll leave it up to you to draw your conclusions, but I rather suspect that it has something to do with manipulating statistics.

    The one thing that made me near incandescent with rage was the following: “potential side effects may be: (severe) (epileptic) fits and/or seizures and sleep apnea.” They then go on to say: “The occurrence of SBS (shaken baby syndrome) and/or SID (sudden infant death) CAN NOT be linked to vaccination.” So, your baby can have a severe epileptic seizure after receiving a vaccine, but if it results in a diagnosis of SBS, it must have been YOU shaking the baby you love so much that you had it vaccinated against your better judgement because of all the emotional blackmail and scare tactics, and can’t have anything to do with the vaccine? If your baby just stops breathing while sleeping, and dies of it, it’s just random bad luck and has nothing to do with the vaccine it just received?
    When I said as much to the doctor trying to convince me to have my baby vaccinated, she just looked at me as if I was quacking like a duck, and she refused to see anything I said or asked as genuine concerns, while it was absolutely clear to me that SHE was the one with the stupid, uninformed ideas.
    Me and my partner decided that we would take the slight risk of our children catching something which can be treated well these days with hardly any risks of serious complications, rather than having our kids vaccinated with something that will always cause damage, with the only question being: how much?
    I think it’s for everyone to make this decision for his/herself, which is why I feel we should be given honest information in order to make the most well-informed decision we possibly can, and not be inundated by emotional blackmail, faulty statistics, downplaying of risks and glorification of positive effects.

  • realitybites

    “My child has never been vaccinated. She had the chicken pox for 1 day. The whooping cough for 90 days.She has never been sick enough to go to a doctor’s office.”

    Gibby, if your child had whooping cough (or chicken pox or any other CONTAGIOUS sickness) and you didn’t take them to see a medical professional you, with all due respect, are doing it wrong. You are not only endangering the life of your child, but the life of every single person that child goes around. What if a friend or someone they came in contact with had a weakened immune system due to cancer or other genetic maladies? Boom, your kid gives them whooping cough, they spread it, and the chain continues.

    Not vaccinating your kids is like playing Russian Roulette when you have the option of using water guns but you instead choose semi-automatics. I am 34, I was fully vaccinated by my parents on schedule, and I and all those I grew up with are the same thanks to not being exposed to rampant and dangerous diseases that were prevented by a simple doctors visit and a jab in the arm. May you open your eyes to reality and stop endangering those around you whether you choose to protect your children through proven science or not.

    **Also to every armchair scientist in this mock forum…if you can’t learn to spell a word or use proper grammar there’s no way in hell you can be expected to understand the complexity that goes into the chemistry of the human body or the medical science that creates vaccines to keep your children happy, healthy, and ready to live long fulfilling lives. Stop using Google to speculate and leave the real work to the real educated and trained scientists.

  • John

    I will take the word of an entire community of scientists and doctors who spend their lives on this subject over conspiracy theorists who’ve spent a couple of hours on anti-medicine sites.
    And since everyone is adding anecdotal evidence I’ll add mine.
    My father had polio as a child before the vaccine was developed.
    The vaccine eradicated the disease. Salk is A HERO.
    My father would have rolled the dice to avoid the dreaded disease.
    You people are endangering your children because you want to follow a cockamamie movement.
    Everyone needs to blame someone I suppose.

  • Myrna

    A great article with all sorts of links to scientific papers and publications, for the “realitybites” and “Johns” whom keep on insisting we are nuts for doing our own research:
    I insist YOU do your research!

  • Ravi

    Christian, understand the difference between injected versus ingested, not quite the same. For example you can ingest milk, try injecting and see what happens. So asking why formaldehyde in vaccines is a problem when we have it in pears is silly.
    Others who claim folks who ask questions about vaccines have only done a couple of hours research,how many have you done to know not to ask questions? 🙂
    Very well written article and the fact that we do everything to protect the corporations here is America should drive the point home.

  • Jill

    Sounds like you’ve bought into the cult of the antivacciners. Your PhD is clearly not in anything related to science. Polio is not curable and there are still cases of it. Bacterial meningitis is often caught too late for anything to be done before permanent damage or death occurs. Both are preventable by vaccination. WHO published an article clearly stating there was no causal link between vaccines and autism. CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. Anyone who has taken a basic statistics class should know that.

    And on another note, children in the US have underdeveloped immune systems because parents like you are such germophobes. In fact, allergies are so much more prevalent in western cultures because parents refuse to let their babies get dirty and actually develop an immune system. You can’t develop an immune system until you are exposed to the antigen. I at least hope you breastfed so your children had the benefit of getting your IgA antibodies.

    And lastly, I work in medicine and have never once encountered a patient who had long term problems secondary to vaccination. Not one.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson

    For Alec: Thimerosal is still in several vaccines (not just the flu shot). Check this out from the CDC’s website. And while you’re at it, check out all those other ingredients.


  • Dr. Heath Motley

    Vaccines cause Chromosome Changes Leading to Mutations, Leukemias and Lymphomas, Auto-immunity, Diabetes, Nervous System Changes, Autism, Demyelination, Seizures, Convulsions, Epilepsy, Brain Swelling, Unexplained Diseases, Another Vaccinal Disease like Paralytic Poliomyelitis, tentanus, smallpox, etc. Following Inoculation, Death of course, metabolic problems, deafness, kidney disorders, skin disorders, abcesses, shock and more.

    Health Guide: Vaccine Research

    Vaccine References

    Vaccine Facts backed by Science



    87 Published Works on Vaccines and Adverse Health Concerns

    Vaccine Ingredients

    Papers Showing a Connection Between Thimerosal Exposure and Neurological Harm

    Big Pharma Horror Stories
    A long list of disaster stories.

    Vaccines and Brain Inflammation


    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics


    Why Vaccination Continues even though it is dangerous and ineffective

    Fact, vaccines have never eradicated anything, ever

    Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio

    Did Vaccines Really Eradicate Polio? by Suzanne Humphries, MD


    Why Vaccination Continues
    by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.
    The Media Uses These Powerful Tricks to Condition You to Accept Vaccines by Jeffry John Aufderheide at VacTruth.com
    From a statistician the risk is actually almost none existent to the disease yet far more riskier with each shot. http://therefusers.com/refusers-newsroom/the-vaccine-bubble-by-michael-belkin-pathways-to-family-wellness/#.Uo_dPH-9KK3

    Go to the CDC website, read the list of ingredients and their known side affects. Autism alone is listed as a known side affect in at least 3 if not more vaccines. Learning disabilities is listed in others, seizures, death and many other symptoms are listed. Not a single vaccine is listed without a side affect so therefore can’t be considered 100% safe.

    Informed consent is the backbone of medical ethics. You have the right to say no. Doctors who assert that you do not have a choice about vaccines are violating this medical code of ethics.

  • […] This is a succinct post about why we say “No” to injecting toxins into the bloodstream. Quote: “I remember being overwhelmed with the vast amount of studies, statistics, and research available on the topic and wishing I had a lifetime to devote to deciphering it all. I felt the need to go through everything ever written because I desperately wanted to make the “right” decision for my child.” Julie Cook, PhD. http://www.utterlyobvious.com/comes-vaccination-mountains-research-unnecessary-distracting/ […]

  • Raymond

    @john – which scientists do you take the word of though? There are many, many scientists and Dr’s now speaking out about the dangers of vaccinations. So far there are 84+ scientific studies linking autism and vaccinations. If you trust Dr’s and scientists, why do you choose to only trust the ones that make money from promoting and selling vaccinations?

    @gibby – you don’t need to go to a Dr for chickenpox. I had chickenpox 20 years ago, and parents didn’t take their kids to the Dr’s, you just knew you had chickenpox. There was nothing the Dr could do about it. In relation to you being 100% vaxed – why don’t you look at how many vaccinations you had – likely between 3-10. Kids born this year have 43+ in the first 4 years of life. Anyone can see that 3-10 vaccines 35 years ago is not even remotely relative to the barrage of vaccines babies have today. Especially when it is compounded with the huge amount of chemicals in food, air fresheners, household products, beauty products etc. You can’t possibly compare your vaccinations to a child’s today

    @Paul – I’m sorry, but did you say ‘I’m quite educated’ and then a few sentences later ask ‘what is whooping cough’? Maybe you should be asking ‘what is educated’. If you don’t know what whooping cough is, I think it’s safe to assume that you are not educated when it comes to vaccinations, or childhood diseases

  • Raymond

    @Jill – You ‘work in medicine’ but you have never encountered any patients that have had ‘long term problems’ due to vaccinations? Hmmmm, this means you would never have had any patients with allergies, asthma, diabetes, autism (and other mental health issue), adhd, guillain barre syndrome, ms, cancer, aids, fibromyalgia etc – all of which have been scientifically linked to vaccines. Needless to say, you must have a very quiet job!

  • Jonah

    In regards the holy Salk trial, why can’t I find any data about adverse events to the vaccination? I wonder what those numbers look like.
    It is so fascinating to me how people protect vaccines. It is known and generally accepted by the medical profession that deaths as result of medical error is in the hundreds of thousands each year. When you add the number of deaths caused by PROPERLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION ADVERSE REACTIONS not to mention pharmaceutical drug abuse, the numbers are staggering (Potentially half a million or more). Additionally, pharmaceutical manufacturers fork out billions of dollars each year or every couple years for fraudulent or civil cases brought against them. And there have been a number of ‘whistleblower’ types speaking out about the less than integrous practices and falsified science of these companies. YET, it is inconceivable for so many people that vaccines could possibly be detrimental to health or cause a death. People behave as if it is ludicrous to question the so-called “safety” and “efficacy” of these immune-antagonizing mixtures. It is the pinnacle of marketing genius when a population or group will enforce and sometimes maliciously promulgate the propaganda of the parent company’s doctrine. This is the pharmaceutical and medical industry’s greatest achievement. Unquestioning allegiance despite any evidence to the contrary of dictated doctrine.

  • Robin

    Jill, if you work in medicine and have never encountered a patient with long-term problems related to vaccination you must be sitting behind a desk. I see vaccine-injured patients frequently and am doubtful they are all isolated to my hospital or community. At this moment my friend’s daughter is trying to learn to walk again after spending months on a ventilator due to developing Guillain-Barre syndrome after a flu shot. The parents won’t sue because of their religious convictions, and I’m ANGRY. In the last 8 weeks 2 people in my town (one a 6-year-old boy) have died from complications of the flu – and both had been vaccinated against it. I call that a “long term” problem, don’t you? Oh and by the way, we lost a fully vaccinated 2-year-old daughter to meningococcal septicemia a few years ago, and a baby I delivered died of SIDS 12 hours after receiving his first DPT injection. The medical professionals have labeled each of these instances “unfortunate coincidences,” but I am not a believer in coincidence. I tell people to trust their intuition because if they have a feeling about something, one way or the other, they are probably right. Science is an awesome thing – If you’re not the one being victimized by it.

  • Loreelle

    These debates sometimes make me laugh out loud, but for the most part break my heart. The blindness of those who jump on ANY bandwagon is inexcusable in a society where we are at LEAST still free to study and research on our own. To trust our government against the families who have experienced real loss of lives, real altering of function is incredulous, it is sad. Research based solely on the “CDC” and the “FDA” just proves narrow-mindedness. I always go back to this simple question: If any vaccine is such a great idea, why is our country at the top of the list of countries with the sickest babies / people? Why are medical professionals being FORCED to take a vaccine that boasts LESS THAN 53% efficacy into their bodies against their educated beliefs? COUNTLESS medical professionals study HOURS AND HOURS FOR YEARS to obtain a degree to care for others. Most of us do this because we feel led to help others, we really care about people. With all that education, WHY THEN are we losing our jobs if we do not receive a FORCED vaccine? It just does not make sense. Seriously, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of qualified, caring, educated, and gifted nurses who are now job-less because they have the sense to say “no, thank you” to the flu shot. The flu shot alone is a crap shoot, good grief. When you can look at this debate from a neutral position, it only makes sense to STOP THE MADNESS. Vaccinations are a lie of big pharma and the government. <–see the period? mmhm…period.
    God have mercy.

  • Cindy

    @Paul. Show me one life that vaccines have saved.

  • Vaccines were developed to prevent disease injury and death. We have been told that the risk of injury or death due to the actual vaccines themselves is extremely low.

    Lets compare these numbers apples to apples. 175 people were infected with the measles last year (2013). There were no deaths reported.

    The US Department of Health and Human Services data shows that on average 3 people die per year from the Measles MMR vaccine and on average 45 people PER YEAR claim a serious injury from the MMR Vaccine. (Averaged over 25 years since that is how they report the data)

    That means you have a 3.75 in 1 MILLION chance of being actually injured from the vaccine.

    With 314 MILLION people in the US – lets calculate your chances of just getting the measles based on the 175 people who caught it in 2013 – your risk is 0.56 in 1 MILLION. (half a person)

    Again, so if the goal is to prevent injury and risk to the human population then we are currently very clearly facing a higher risk of injury and death from receiving the shot than catching the measles.

    PS – Another websites quotes this “life threatening adverse reactions occur in less than one per million vaccinations” Making it sound like vaccination is the lowest risk option.

    I did one more calculation. I found on the US Department of Heath and Human Services that over 12,000,000 million measles vaccinations were administered last year (based on an average measles vaccine distribution shared by manufactures).

    So for this statement your risk of a serious injury from the MMR vaccines is 12 in 1 MILLION.

    As you can see this risk is even worse. So when someone freaks about a measles epidemic reaching significantly high dangerous levels and the fear makes you want to run out and get your kids vaccinated and caught up on their boosters even though they had a bad reaction to a past shot. Just make sure to put all the risk numbers in the same UNITS so you can compare.

    Just FYI – The actual annual measles cases in the US would have to rise to 1,177.5 people contracting the measles to cause the risks to be EQUAL.

    Again these risks are calculated pretty conservatively. But at least it gives you some apples to apples risk numbers to consider instead of just hearing oh my gosh there is an epidemic of measles.

    These numbers didn’t even take into your risk of dying. 0 deaths from the actual measles and 3 deaths on average each year from the MMR vaccine. The numbers are out there they just present them this way.

  • At the end I meant to say “The numbers are out there they just don’t present them this way.” 🙂

  • First of all is sure sounds to me like we have a few internet trolls commenting here. Paul and Alec, maybe some others. You can tell the trolls because they can’t make their point without trying to intimidate by name calling and belittling. Ignore them, they are getting paid to be trolls and you are just wasting your time.

    Let’s just talk about herd immunity for a minute. It is true that when a disease strikes there are going to be some deaths. It is called survival of the fittest. It is very unfortunate that that has to happen but what also happens is that a great number of people survive, for whatever reason. These people have the immunity and when they reproduce they pass this on to their offspring, which is why we see diseases decreasing on their own before the introduction of vaccines. Vaccines don’t do that because they don’t last, hence the continual need for boosters. Plus, we have all heard the phrase, use it or loose it. Well that applies to the immune system as well as muscle. We need to get exposed to and overcome diseases so that our immune systems know what to do with foreign invaders.

    The second thing to be considered is that babies are not tested pre-vaccine to determine how much mercury and other heavy metals are already in their systems. One vax may not cause a problem but when they continually blast the deep tissue with more and more chemicals a critical threshold can be reached and again, no testing to see what the heavy metal load on a baby is.

    To those with vax injured children, there may be ways to reverse some of the issues. Liquid bentonite pulls the toxins out of the blood and puts them into the intestinal tract where they can be excreted. Angstom
    minerals with a fulvic mineral base can actually chelate the heavy metals out of the system. None of this is a guarantee,and it may take a while to work, but if I had a vax injured child I would certainly feel like it was worth a try. A good liver detox product would also be worth considering. Please keep in mind that as the toxins come out of the body it isn’t always Dr. Feelgood as one of my favorite teachers used to say. Detoxing can make you feel a lot worse before you feel better, in other words, but it is so worth it. Blessings

  • AMW

    Claudia, which of the Angstom minerals do you recommend. I did a google search and found the RAW FOOD WORLD sells quite a variety. Is there a combo of all the minerals or a few in particular that you know to be helpful in the chelation process?

    Thanks for any info you are willing to share.

  • AMW

    Oops! I posted before reading and editing. Sorry for the typos.

  • Julie

    Look up Dr Jayne Donegan, MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP and Dr Suzanne Humphries, the author of “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History”, which can be previewed on Amazon. Then tell me how safe and effective vaccines are. Dr Humphries has a UK web site with additional information which can be used to refute every claim made by every ill informed vaccine pusher. I’m not saying don’t vaccinate, but you owe it to your children, your entire family, and yourself to make informed decisions and not take the word of anyone less informed than you are. (Note: Most doctors, especially pediatricians, are notoriously uninformed and almost totally uneducated about vaccines and what they do to infants, young children and even adults Many have no idea what “herd immunity” is and will state that it comes from vaccines, which it does not.)

  • Damaged by the MMR

    Can’t debate the research in my post ’cause I’m not going to cite any…just my story. After the MMR vaccination I developed chronic yeast infections (yes, as a child), chronic headaches, allergies, fatigue…but my family thought nothing of it. At age 13 I was diagnosed with arthritis and my DOCTORS finally connected the dots – this was before all the media fuss around vaccinations- back then we had no idea what the doctors were talking about. After approaching my health holistically by major dietary cleanses, minimal medicine and avoiding future vaccinations, my health radically changed. The arthritis went into remission and my other symptoms lessened or went away. I FELT better. Science or no science. But it was not a fun journey. I will never get back those years.
    Considering my child may share my genetics, I’m keeping her vaccine free (I’ve weighed the risks, and decided I preferred these odds). Sure she gets childhood illnesses here and there, but unlike many of her vaccinated friends she has yet to have a seizure, fainting spells, food allergy, whooping cough, asthma, or attention and anxiety disorders. I’m not saying vaccinations cause any of that…I’m just saying this has been my experience thus far. She is healthy. Her vaccinated friends and me have not fared so well.
    Now I can brace for the name calling, threats and belittling responses because that’s a common response when I share my personal experience. It’s very strange, as if calling me an “idiot,” “stupid” or “a danger to society” enough times will alter my health history or prompt me to inject something that concerns me directly into my child’s veins.

  • Dana

    Why is it that the vaccine debate is so polarized that we can’t have civil, respectful conversation? I personally feel that when a topic brings up this much heat, there is a reason and likely there are really important points to be made on both sides as otherwise there would be no need for people to get so angry or defensive. I am personally anti vax for my children but fully respect that it is a choice parents make and feel no judgement towards people who do decide to vaccinate. I believe every parent is acting in the best interest of their child from whatever knowledge, experience, background or even intuition they may have. I just really wish there was room for polite, meaningful debate and information exchange in all of this.

  • Barb

    Very interesting conversation going on here. I do see the “for vaccines” calling more names of others. I love the “danger to society” phrase. As one mentioned, why do you think we are a danger to society if the vaccines have made your children safe. Is it that you are starting to hear that vaccinated children seem to be getting sicker than those not vaccinated? If we truly live in a free country, we should have the right to decide what goes into our and our children’s bodies. We are the sickest developed country in the world. Rates of cancer and other diseases are sky-rocketing here even though we have spent and are spending gazillions of dollars on research. My friend always says to me, “Don’t forget it’s called the “practice” of medicine for a reason”. If you don’t agree with us, let us be–healthy. You can continue to pay the bills for all your medical visits.

  • Michelle

    I just have to ask, are you serious? Is this a real article? There is no way you can possible, with all the “research” you have done, be this unbelievable stupid…..

  • twintiger74

    @reality bites….vaccine schedule from 1983 v/s 2013.


    As a mother of two children, one with ADAD and the other Asperger’s, I would like to know how your children’s health is different from yours? I too am in the same age range as yourself and I have never had a flu shot, nor have I had the flu virus in over 10 years. My children had never had the flu, until this year. My daughter contracted the flu from the flu mist this year. Her pediatrician tried to make me out to me an unfit mother because my daughter was being seen for other health issues and I didn’t want her to get the flu vaccine while she was not completely healthy. She made snide comments to me and talked about how ridiculous all of this vaccine stuff was until I agreed to let her give her the mist instead of the shot. I did this against my better judgement and low and behold, my daughter had the flu inside of a week!! I’m not looking for a new pediatrician.

  • steph

    Wow, what a debate where one way not needed. Name calling is just so inapropriate and childish people, come on grow up! What you believe to be true in what you read is up to you no matter what your education may be. Common sense isn’t so common! How does it makes sense that I need a booster shot every few years if I’m immune with the vaccine? Its doesn’t, when I could get a natural immunity for life without a shot. How does my child not being vaccinated effect your vaccinated child if they are immune? It doesnt! That makes no sense no matter what research I do and I do a lot. If your so sure you being vaccinated is protecting you then why do you even have to try and change someone’s mind? I believe in what Im doing for me and my children and don’t have to belittle someone to do what I think is right. No more vaccinations in this house and I don’t care what anyone says about it cause its my choice. Thank you for writing this article no matter what anyone says I appreciate it.

  • Michelle

    Education for the most part teaches people to always consider your sources, as seen in the article above and many people’s “statistics”, these are coming from places that are not academic. This means they are not proven, tested or anything else to make them reliable sources to get any information from. Second, people who sit there and say, these diseases aren’t around anymore, they do not cause death, etc. need to learn to think critically. Turn of the century these diseases were prevalent and killed, caused many debilitating side effects, etc. Consider the Spanish influenza of 1918, 30 million people died. These sort of dangerous and mass outbreaks no longer occur and are incomprehensible to our generation because of vaccines!!! Vaccines were introduced and diseases that had been prevalent, like measles, for hundreds of years all but disappeared. I’m sorry, swing it any way you want but the correlation between the drop in occurrence of these diseases and the implementation of vaccines is unavoidable.
    Vaccines do not, nor have they ever been guaranteed to be, 100%. Sometimes they fail and people get sick regardless. But this is the exact same thing that happens when you have previously contracted an illness!! Getting sick previously or getting a vaccine REDUCES your risk of getting a specific illness again. Your symptoms the second time, if you do get ill again, are always milder. The difference is in getting the illness through natural means while not being vaccinated is your risk for serious illness or death either directly or as a result of the disease or by complications (usually it is these, not the illness itself)that causes death. Vaccines decrease your risk (just like naturally built immunities) of getting sick in the first place and reduce your risk of getting seriously ill if you happen to get sick. Vaccines are using the bodies own natural defense mechanisms to help prevent illness, they are simple allowing your body to be able to recognize a specific disease so that when it runs across said disease, it know what it is and how to defend against it. Your immune system is not sitting idle by letting the vaccine do all the work.
    Regardless of what I say or what people are confronted with when it comes to scientifically verified facts, I am a Science Major and have dealt with some of these viruses. I have seen what the previous toll these diseases have taken on older generations, pre-vaccine populations. The concern with those that do not vaccinate is that those children/ communities become a dangerous breeding ground for these diseases. There not only can they multiple and affect the outside populations, but they can also mutate and become resistant not only to the modern medicine (much of which those that do not vaccinate depend on the help their children when they are ill) but also mutate into a new strain that has not been vaccinated against. Those unvaccinated children do become dangerous to the population at large. Boosters are often to address these new strains, so do not just dismiss them. I implore many of you to grab a history book, look at the statistics of how often children died from diseases as common as chickenpox (complications from), read the stories of the mothers who had 10 children to only have 3 survive. Look at the horrible images of what these disease can do and realize how lucky we are to live in our modern society, with all its vaccines, and realize because of them we are almost guaranteed to have healthy, happy children that will reach adulthood. Just please take a second, grab and actual biology book or photographs, or anything. In a side note, with the fears of autism, etc. consider this. There are far more pollutants around now then there was even 10 years ago, there is many other outside factors that have a greater linkage for causing autism, etc. than the big scary needle.

  • Michelle

    I apologize for the long paragraph, it did not indent as it was supposed to.

  • Very interesting discussion. I did have various vaccines over the years, including the oral Salk one at work (as an electronics tech) but also as a kid got measles, mumps, whooping cough. It was quite normal for kids to catch these things then and so we were thus naturally immunised against ever getting them again.
    I am now in my ’70s and perfectly healthy. The only medication I take is 5mg of felodipine each day, as the bod gets stiff with age. Keeps my blood pressure normal, as otherwise the arteries stiffen and can’t bulge properly with pumping of heart.

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