About Utterly Obvious

My name is Julie Cook.

As part of the mainstream world, I’m a corporate program manager and have spent the last 20 years working for large techno/consulting companies. I’m still in that realm and love my work.

But my real life exists slightly outside of the mainstream. I unschool my only child. We don’t vaccinate. We don’t partake in any mainstream media in any format, or pop culture media. You can read more about me on my other website: http://www.noregretspublishing.com/

For the first 36 years of my life, I lived like I was following the steps in an imaginary playbook that described exactly what I should be doing and thinking.  My life would be successful if I could follow that book precisely.  And, I was very good at it.  This is the same playbook that most of us follow with varying degrees of success.  We tend not to question anything we’re doing because it’s time consuming enough just trying to adhere to the rules and steps outlined. And, what’s in that playbook is continually shouted at us through various means.  It’s kind of like being in a cult – you’re so busy following what is prescribed to you that you never stop to ask why, and if it’s for the best, or if there’s another way.  The cult is always in your ear reinforcing their expectations so you don’t have time to really, really think, or have a chance of deprogramming yourself.

If you’re lucky, you get out of the cult at some point and once you do, it all becomes so very clear.  It’s almost too clear though – there’s no way to avoid feeling extremely embarrassed that you went along with it, unquestioning, all this time.  Of course, you also have to come face-to-face with the fact that you may have made some very bad, even dangerous, decisions while you were sleeping through your life.

When I turned about 36, I was fortunate enough to start seeing a glimmer of “another way”. It was enough of a glimmer to start asking questions – big questions, important questions, necessary questions.  And, now I live my life differently. This blog will feature my perspectives in a wide range of topics including schooling, education, media, health, and also some perspectives pulled from my corporate life experiences.  My intent isn’t to change anyone’s mind on any issue – that can rarely be done, (I will explain that further in a blog post), but to have some thought provoking interactions with like-minded people. Thank you for participating and commenting!