Reason to Homeschool #8 – Relaxed and Healthy Lifestyle

Another one of my reasons for homeschooling is that I want a relaxed and healthy lifestyle for my family. A school schedule doesn’t allow for a relaxed lifestyle, and some of what goes on in school conflicts with having a healthy lifestyle.

I’m happy that my daughter is able to wake up whenever her body […]

Reason to Homeschool #7 – Integrated Subjects

As most of us are aware, subjects in school are divided into isolated topic areas. In a typical school setting, children move from one subject (class) to the next and they form opinions about those subjects. They might love Art and not like History. They might think they’re good at Math but not at Science.


Reason to Homeschool #6 – Enjoy your Moments

Much of my childhood was wasted because I was in school for six to eight hours a day for twelve straight years. The reason I say that it was wasted is because it was spent, almost entirely, in preparation for becoming something. I’m not against preparation. What I am against is devaluing the days and […]

Reason to Homeschool #5 – Real World Socialization

I don’t like the whole “socialization” thing so I’ll keep this short, but it is one of the main reasons I homeschool. I want my daughter to have real world socialization. That means, the kind of socialization that is reflected in all of society. It’s funny to me that some people who don’t homeschool point […]

Reason to Homeschool #4 – What’s Going on Outside of School

As adults we are fully aware of the value of time. We carefully weigh our options and look at the pros and cons of selecting one activity over another. When we choose to engage in a particular activity at the expense of another, we look at the opportunity lost by not engaging in the other […]

Reason for Homeschooling #3 – Depth of Learning

One of the things I remember most about school was the bells, along with the other indicators that it was time to move on to the next class. I remember many occasions where I was sitting in class and finally “getting it” with a subject and then a bell would ring and a teacher would […]